Author + Women Empowerment Advocate Based in Salt Lake City


Vanessa Bryant currently resides in the Salt Lake City area. She is a registered nurse and holds a master's in business administration. Currently, she is devoted full-time to her husband and two beautiful children.


At an early age, she was aware of her passion to help people and found the nursing profession to be aligned with those goals. After working for a number of years as a Registered Nurse in Pediatric Oncology, she went back to school for her master's with a desire to pursue hospital administration.  During that time, she was blessed with her first child and decided to finish school, while taking a pause in her career to focus on family.


This shift in her life path led to an important journey of self-discovery.


Because of her desire to create an atmosphere of awareness, peace and balance, “Zen” was her given nickname by close friends. In early adolescence she would exercise this through writing which was her preferred tool of emotional expression. During this time of self-discovery, she became reacquainted with her love and appreciation for that route of expression and picked up a pen again.  


As she began to write more regularly, the idea was placed on her heart to share her words with others, in particular other women. Not knowing where it would lead to, her hope is that by vulnerably expressing her truth, others may be encouraged and inspired. As a result her first book, The Rib was created.  Vanessa is an everyday woman who believes in the power of connection and relationships. She hopes her words of self-acceptance, faith and love will resonate and empower women all over the world. 

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